A new network for cybersecurity leaders, experts, talent, and startups in southern Indiana

A Vision of opportunity

The Innovation Corridor that runs from Crane through Bloomington and on to Muscatatuck is uniquely positioned to become a global leader in cybersecurity: a rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar industry.


The third largest naval installation in the world,  specializing in electronic warfare and special and strategic missions


World-class program in cybersecurity, computer science, and informatics—and the Big Red supercomputer—at Indiana University


A globally unique city for urban training with a well-integrated cyber-physical environment, an electromagnetic effects system,  and human elements  

An action-focused collaboration

The Cybersecurity Exchange (CSX) provides a platform for cybersecurity leaders in business, higher ed, and defense to learn from one another, collaborate on ideas and projects, and advocate for cybersecurity to become an economic driver in the Innovation Corridor.

The CSX is powered by The Mill, a startup accelerator based in Bloomington that works with entrepreneurs across the Uplands.

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Our Members

Private Companies & Startups

The Innovation Corridor is already home to cybersecurity startups, leading national companies, and global consultancies

government & defense

NSWC Crane, NSIN, the Midwest TechBridge, and S2MART create rich opportunities for OTA partnerships

Higher ed & Future TALENT

The CSX brings together experts at Purdue@WestGate, Indiana University faculty, students, and others in the ecosystem


A host of regional economic development organizations, incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurial centers support lab-to-market innovation

CSX Partners